John the Baptist was sent from God to baptise in preparation for Jesus’ ministry. Jesus himself was 
baptised because God commanded it and to show obedience to God’s will.

When a person chooses to be baptised they are making a personal, public identification with Jesus Christ, 
and a commitment to try to live according to example the example he set. 

Often parents decide to have their children baptised at an early age and in doing so they are promising to bring their children up according to God’s word and to teach them to live by His values.  Through baptism you become a member of God’s worldwide Church; part of the Christian Family.

In Barwick, St Mary Magdalene’s Church is where we come together to worship, celebrate and to encourage and support each other in trying to live by Jesus Christ’s example.  We hold our baptisms within our "Fourth Sunday" service at 9.30am which aims to be all-age.

Anyone living in the parish of Barwick and Stoford is eligible to be baptised- of any age!
There is no cost to this service.

Our Vicar will meet with you at your home and spend a few sessions to talk through the meaning of the service and the baptismal promises.  We will encourage you and your family to continue to come to church as part of the faith journey.
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