On these pages you will find a selection of prayers for personal use. If you are in need, or know of someone who is in need and would like prayers to be said for them, please let us know.

Prayers are the way in which we share ourselves with God, with the Trinity. We pray to God "in Jesus' name" as He bade us do.......and then we listen. Prayer is a two-way conversation.

At our services  and in private prayer, we pray for our parish of Barwick & Stoford and for those within our benefice of Holy Trinity; for all who live and work within our community; for the children of our parish; for those who are sick in mind or body or spirit; for those who are in need.  

We pray also for our world, it's leaders and those in positions of power; we pray for our Earth, that we may develope the will and technologies to sustain our environment and bring peace and well being for all people.