Heritage Lottery Fund Grant

July 2018.

We are approaching the final stage of the Development Phase of the HLF grant process and the pressure is on!  In fact this means that we are in fact approaching the  half way point in this journey – yes, only half.  

We received our initial phase grant of £10,600 in September 2017 and this covered the cost of specialist surveys which enabled us to have detailed design specifications for the repairs to the tower roof drawn up.  These were then used to get Heritage England’s approval for the works, also to get a ‘Faculty’ (church planning permission), and they were also used as the basis for building conservation firms to give competitive quotes.  

The quotes are now in and we  are at present preparing to submit our application for HLF approval to proceed to the Delivery Stage which will release the remainder of their original £56,000 overall grant.  It is by no means certain however that this will be given as this second stage is, once again operative and there is no guarenttee that our project will go through.

HLF have written to us recently to say that because the  Lottery income is down they will not be able to fund all projects currently underway. This is,of course very worrying and increases the pressure to make our application as good as possible.  Thereafter all we an do is hope for the best.

 It would be very disappointing if we did not get the second tranche of our grant as we have already raised our promised contribution to the project and the surveys have shown that the work to restore the roof is not too difficult.  Having got this far with the grant, we must continue to strive to get the roof renovated to maintain this part of our village’s heritage for the future.

Part of HLF’s decision on the grant will be based on our ‘heritage’ plans.  These include the Heritage Boards proposed for outside the church and on Stoford Green and an update on this aspect of the project is on the next page.