Church & Parish History and Heritage

St Mary Magdalene's Church dates back to the mid 1200s. Originally a chapel of ease, it provided somewhere for those travelling down to the busy Free Borough of Stoford to rest and freshen up.  As Stoford grew in size and importance throughout the second half of the thirteenth century, St Mary's also increased in size.

The church is open every day from 10-3pm so please do pop in and have a look around; some features to look for include;   The Saxon font;  the magnificent carved pew ends; the consecration crosses (10 outside and 1 inside - can you find them?) ; the medeaval plaster work; the remains of the stairs that led to the rood screen. 

On 18th February we are holding a History & Heritage day to launch a new project gathering together the history of our parish.  If you are interested being part of this please come along on the 18th. Perhaps your family have lived in the parish for several generations and you could share some personal stories; perhaps you have some old photographs of the parish that you could share with us.  Please come along. There are many ways to get involved.